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An experiment with glowing particles, fluid, light as a trigger, and attaching meaning to physical objects.


I like the concept of a Universe or God as an experimenter. Less fully in control of things, more adding bits and watching how things play out. 

I’m not one to push a concept of god (or gods) on anyone but I did enjoy toying with this concept. 

If a person were to create a lesser being that had independent thought I imagine this being would think of its creator as a God (or gods). It may believe us to be infallible, all knowing, and have a plan for its life like a Christian god. It may believe us to be multiple parts (if unable to see or fully experience us) with our own self interests and goals like ancient Greek gods. 

The truth, however, would be closer to how we had the ability to create and piece things together but we are fallible in our own way. 

This concept of god addresses how this god character has the ability to assemble things and has the interest to observe and can add energy to our lives but is limited in many ways. 
To a fly a human’s lifespan is an eternity. Who is to say our god or universe character cannot die? To a single celled organism a human would have the mental capacity to be omniscient and omnipresent but we all know our true limitations. To a puppy a human is caring. And yet look at our history of how we treat each other. 
DGB was a physical experiment that turned into a deeper thought experiment and analogy for how we see the universe and a higher being. 

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