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About Me

I have a professional background in events production and design, have a deep knowledge of a wide array of digital and real world fabrication methods including but not limited to prosthetics, sculpture, and architecture.  My specialty is an untraditional user experience and creative direction.  I like to focus on how our seemingly organic minds and a logic-based tech interact and how we can seamlessly weave these things together.  With a foundation in philosophy of logic, teaching, and language I have found my niche in design and experience design.  My interests are in how humans interact with design technology, learn from tech, and how tech can effectively interact with us.  The focus for my professional life is on the future and the cutting edge of technology. I’m excited to see how we can utilize this tech to create a more interesting and joyful place.


2020 - 2022  Cranbrook Academy of Art, MFA 4D Design
2013                The Starter League

2012                Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
2004 - 2008  Georgia State University, BFAPhilosophy

Publication Mentions and Awards

2017 - New York Times mentioned

2022 - Cleo Award

2019 - Baltimore Sun

2017 - Toronto Star

2021 - Cranbrook Academy of Art Merit Scholarship


2022 — Cranbrook Academy of Art Commencement
2015 — 1871, Chicago, IL
2013 — The University of Illinois Edgar Fellows Program
2013 — Inspire Startups


2021 - Cranbrook Academy of Art Studio Council, President
2017 - BAM Creates Events, Chicago, IL
2015 - Redmoon Events, YES Board, Chicago, IL

2021 - Optimist Inc LA Arthouse Gallery Opening featured Artist



3D Design
Art Direction
Events Production
3D Design
Art Direction
Events Production


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